When should you say NO to coconut oil?

When it comes to oiling your hair on a regular basis as a part of the hair care routine, the most randomly chosen oil by people is the coconut oil, which is obviously one of the best choices undoubtedly provided it is right for your hair type. Ignorance about your own hair type or ignorance about the hair types for which coconut oil is unsuitable can give totally opposite results from what you are expecting.

As a rule of thumb, people of any hair type should put an obvious stop to using coconut oil in either of these three cases :

  • Firstly, needless to mention, if you are allergic to coconut oil
  • Secondly, spoilage… well, coconut oil doesn’t have a definite expiry date as such, but any kind of visible appearance of mold or fungus on/in the container or the oil itself indicates spoilage and hence is unfit for use… this can not only happen with time but improper storage (like letting in moisture) or contamination (in any process of modifying it by adding other ingredients of your choice for better hair growth) can be the possible causes.
  • If the particular brand of coconut oil which you are using contains harmful chemicals or preservatives.

What are the best reasons for choosing coconut oil as a the hair care routine?

Coconut oil has been an all time favourite to many people because of its qualities of

  • Being high in lauric acid (C-12 chain of medium chain fatty acids) as well as having anti-microbial properties
  • Highly nourishing because of its quality of being able to penetrate into the hair strands which many oils cannot.
  • If your hair type is fine to medium, not dry or brittle, coconut oil might benefit you.
  • If your hair lacks protein or is frizzy, then coconut oil might be the right choice for you

But when coconut oil is a big NO for you??

  • If you have coarse hair , coconut oil might lead to hair loss.
  • If you have Dry hair, regular usage of coconut oil can make your hair brittle.
  • If you face regular problems with dandruff,coconut oil might not be the best choice as it can increase your hairfall.

In that case, you should try using olive oil,almond oil,argan oil etc. and to deal with dandruff problems, tea tree oil and neem oil are the best choices!

So, if you must oil your hair, choose your hairoil carefully!


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