Are you washing your hair the correct way?

We all shampoo our hair about 3-4 times a week and even indulge in trying various brands some of which are really expensive and still then complain about why are not getting the desirable results. But actually it’s not always about the brand of shampoo you are using…it’s about washing your hair the right way and trust me, a lot depends on that!



Shampoos are generally surfactant based and thus all the moisture from your hair is striped off by shampooing…so, basically your hair needs moisturisation  not only after but more importantly before shampooing. This is because oil creates a protective layer such that the hair soaks up in water less which reduces breakage in the first place and secondly some of the moisture remains even after washing which doesn’t let your hair appear dry or fatigued. Also, always use plant-based oils.



It’s a good idea to detangle to your hair first before shampooing as in the process of shampooing your hair is further messed up which can be difficult to comb through after you are done with the washing.(But, in case you happened to travel through some very dusty streets taking the window seat and your head uncovered then then your hair must have been messed up as hell and an effort to detangle in that condition will further worsen the state causing severe hairfall as well….so,in such a situation it’s better to wash off the dirt first by shampooing )


Shampoo your hair focusing on the scalp and roots mainly and slowly along the length…but don’t overdo it.. just let a bit of lather appear before you wash off to ensure that your hair is completely cleaned up of all the oil,dirt and build up from the silicone based products( most good shampoos don’t lather much)

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4.Shower Filters:

Now this is a commonly ignored thing..You always tend to blame your hair care products when you notice that rough, lifeless look of your hair… and a reddishness along with…But actually the fault lies in those pipelines.So, to solve this issue the best thing is to use a shower filter. What a shower filter does is, it removes all impurities like sediments, chlorine,iron oxides and thus prevents your hair (as well as skin) from damage. shampoo moisturiser: yes,it’s a conditioner or serum which I am talking about…now,the difference between the two is just that conditioners provide heavier moisturisation than serums.But, in either case you need to avoid the roots… The correct way to condition your hair is to part the hair into two sections (from the two sides), apply the conditioner along the length focusing on the tips,let it set in for a minute or two and then finally wash off.

6.The temperature of water matters: The ideal temperature of water for washing your hair should be a little warm during shampooing(such that the hair cuticles open up i.e. they are slightly raised) and a little colder during the last 2-3 rinses (such that the cuticles close i.e. they become smooth). This ensures that the moisturiser and nourishment that your hair gets from these products is sealed in and your hair is not further prone to any impurities and damage.

7.Rinse and repeat: Now even if you are applying the right products in the right way…an improper rinsing habit can mess it up all.So, make sure you rinse very well after both shampooing and conditioning such that all the previous build up is washed off and no further product residues are retained in your hair as this can be a major cause of severe hairfall.

8.The last but not the least tip:Let your hair dry naturally! And NEVER EVER comb your hair while it is wet.Let it dry completely and then start detangling and combing it starting from the tips to slowly higher towards the roots in order to avoid extra hairfall.

take care!




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