Tvakh’s 5% Vitamin C glow booster review

Today I will be reviewing a product which is of a slightly different concept , in simple terms, it can be used as a toner, but it is more than that : it is an exfoliating water ; I am talking of the tvakh exfoliating water.

This is my first experience with this brand and I liked it so much that I immediately headed on to purchase another product, which is the clay based turmeric and sandalwood anti-acne face pack..the review of which I will be uploading soon!

As of now before going to the review part, I must mention a few things:

Firstly What is a toner? A toner is a liquid that is applied after cleansing to bring down the pH of the skin to normal. And What are exfoliants? An exfoliant is something that removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It can be of two types : a physical exfoliant (i.e. scrub) and a chemical exfoliant (i.e. a liquid or an emulsion that has the properties of dislodging dead skin cells from the surface of the skin)

About the product:

The product comes in a white plastic bottle with a golden coloured screw cap. The mouth of the bottle has a stopper, which should be removed to dispense the product, but I pierced it instead to regulate the quantity. The liquid has a beautiful citrusy fragrance and is almost transparent, though it might change colour with time without affecting the effectiveness.

Product description:

Tvakh’s 5% Vitamin C glow booster is a leave on exfoliating water that fights mild to moderate acne, scars and uneven skin tone unveiling visibly glowing and radiant complexion. Specially curated first time in India with natural ingredients and clinical studies that gently exfoliates dead, built up layers just like your skin did naturally when you were younger.

Water light formula that exfoliates built-up dead skin that can clog pores in the most gentle, non-abrasive way. Harnessed with Vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil and Glycolic Acid (derived from Sugarcane) that works to create a younger appearance with diminishing fine lines, reducing pore size and purifying the skin of residue and build up in the most gentle way possible.

My take on this product :

Before going into any details, in one line I must say, tvakh glow booster does everything it claims. After cleansing my face with my regular face wash, I apply this as a toner (it can act as a a toner and lower the pH of the skin because it contains organic acids like ascorbic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid)

The product mentions that it contains 5% vitamin c. Now vitamin c makes skin more susceptible to UV damage and hence this product can be used only at night..If used in the morning, it should be topped with sunscreen.

So, I apply it every night, post cleansing (I don’t need a moisturiser after this because it is already moisture infused, but dry skinned people will need one) In the morning, I can literally see that extra glow, that extra brightness on my skin because of the regular removal of dead skin cells by this product plus it’s benefits from vitamin c!.. also, with regular use, my breakouts have reduced and any acne that is about to pop up is also sometimes clamed down by this product and hence I don’t actually get the breakouts.

Overall, in just 2 months, this product has turned out to be a part of my skin care essentials.

I would give it a thumbs up 👍 for:

  • Free from all harmful chemicals
  • Toner + exfoliant
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Good packaging and thus travel friendly
  • Gives a noticeable glow to the skin
  • Brightens skin
  • Prevents breakouts

I would give it a thumbs down 👎 for:

  • Little costly
  • I wish the product was formulated without the added moisturiser because it somewhat makes skin tacky.

How much would I rate it out 5:

5 out of 5


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