Toni&guy cleanse shampoo for damaged hair

I literally keep on changing my hair care products in hope of finding my dream shampoo or dream serum somedayyyyyy😍😍😍

And in this quest, I don’t forget to try out the top hair care brands of course. So this time, I happened to purchase the TONI & GUY shampoo (for damaged hair). I had really high expectations from this brand because of all the fame it has earned, the high end hair salons they run and of course the good reviews. But did it meet my expectations? To know that, please continue reading….😁

About the product:

The product comes in a big, tall white cylindrical bottle and the shampoo is shiny white in colour. The dispenser of the bottle is very different and it took me a complete 5 minutes  to figure it out !!! The smell is good and the consistency is thick. It does lather well while washing.

Product description:

Toni&guy cleanse shampoo for damaged hair 250ml give damaged locks special attention with the toni&guy cleanse shampoo for damaged hair. This cleansing shampoo softens, fortifies, and helps prevent breakage and dullness for healthy-looking hair? For the best results, follow up with toni&guy nourish conditioner for damaged hair.

Toni&guy cleanse: shampoo for damaged hair cleanses gently and revitalises weak, damaged hair. Invigorates the hair fibre for healthier-looking, radiant hair.

Use with toni&guy conditioner for damaged hair. For deep down, intensive repair treat as needed with toni&guy reconstruction mask.

Price: 800 INR for 250 ml

My take on this product:

With a regular amount of shampoo I found that it does lather well and so as it cleansed off all the oil and dirt from my hair, I rinsed my hair, towel wrapped it and followed up with my regular leave in conditioner. On drying, I was astonished my hair was so rough and it was drier than ever, it felt so dull and damaged and to add to it, I faced extra hairfall. I took it to a friend’s place another day, and used it to see if the results change with a different quality of water supply, but alas, same results (P.S. the water I use to regularly wash my hair is pretty good itself as it gave good results with some other shampoos but I just wanted to be cent percent sure before discarding the product completely)

I would give it a thumbs up 👍 for:

  • The packaging
  • Fragrance
  • No harmful chemicals

I would give it a thumbs down 👎 for :

  • Expensive
  • Made my hair dry, rough and lifeless
  • Caused extra hairfall

How much would I rate it out 5:

1 out of 5

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