Pantene Oil Replacement review

After shampooing, restoration of the lost moisture from your hair is very important. But at times, it becomes a really tough choice to choose between the various forms of moisturizers for our hairs , I am talking about the regular rinse-off conditioners, leave-in conditioners and hair serums.

But today, this review is about a very differently named moisturiser, yes you guessed it right, it is the Pantene Oil Replacement.

Controversial naming:

Now, before going into the review part, I would talk a little about why I feel that here it’s just a fancy name but NOT really a whole new concept! That is because, I remember, ages back, when I was small, a schoolgirl, then there was a Pantene product launched for a very short period of time, which they named as the “Pantene Leave-in Conditioner”. I happened to purchase that product and was very very impressed on how I didn’t even require to wash off my conditioner and still it magically made my hair super smooth and silky when applied on both wet as well as dry hair. Now, I don’t know how that amazing product got discontinued so early and I went back to my regular serums. Now, after so long when I came across this particular product ,which is the “Pantene Oil Replacement” then I discovered that it is exactly the same as what I used back then in my school days.

But I seriously feel, that naming a product correctly is very important to avoid any kind of confusion or misuse and in this case, the previous version was more appropriately named!!

By “oil replacement” it is

  • not expected of you to apply it in loads overnight replacing your hair oil
  • Neither can you massage your scalp with it

All you can do is moisturise your hair post washing and leave it like that without rinsing it, just like any other leave-in conditioner.

About the product:

The product comes in a big golden tube with a flip cap. The moisturiser looks just like any other rinse off conditioner i.e. white in colour ,thick creamy formulation. Also, I love the fragrance


85 INR for 80 ml

My take on this product:

The packaging of this product is brilliant; it’s hygienic and easy to use. The smell is mild but nice. Now once I wash my hair with shampoo, and it’s still super wet (because that’s the best time to apply it) I take a pea sized amount of the product and rub it my palms gently to spread it and apply it along the strands of my hair, avoiding the scalp completely. As, a detangler, I find serums more helpful to detangle my hair rather than this Pantene Oil Replacement because of its creamy consistency. I just leave my wet hair like that and immediately I notice no change. Now, once my hair is 70% dry, I lightly start combing from the tips (roots untouched) . I do this to spread the moisturiser even across all the strands. Very soon, my hair is dry. And, once it is dry, you see the magic❤ My hair is soft and smooth and silky like never before and most importantly, my hair feels strong. Earlier conditioners used to make my hair soft, but limp and weak at the same time… but this Pantene Oil Replacement has strengthened the strands of my hair noticeably and so breakage within the strands is very rare. Overall,  this product has improved my hair quality to a lot extent!

Biggest question: can it be used on dry hair?

  • It can be used as a pre-conditioner which means you can apply it 10-20 mins before shampooing in order to moisturise and strengthen your hair before shampooing. In this case, you can skip any kind of moisturiser after shampooing or you can follow up with a light serum.
  • Without pre-conditioning, I tried shampooing my hair, letting it dry completely and then hours later I applied a very very little amount of this Pantene Oil Replacement on my hair. This helped me reduce the dryness and tame the frizz a little, but it didn’t give that silkiness or shine. Also, a little more of it would have weighed down my hair.

Now if you are wondering if this amazing product contains silicones or not then I must make it clear, yes , it contains silicones but THAT’S OKAY. Because

  • a silicone free conditioner will never give you this finish
  • Don’t expect a silicone free conditioner at such a low price (it would cost 10 times more)
  • Silicones won’t anyways cause a world of damage; they would cause chemical build up for sure, but there are many easy ways to get rid of all the build up in just one wash.

I would give it a thumbs up 👍 for:

  • Great packaging
  • Easily available
  • Very affordable
  • Nice fragrance
  • Makes hair very smooth and silky
  • Makes hair strong
  • Completely non sticky
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair if applied in right amount

I would give it a thumbs down 👎for:

  • The naming should have been more appropriate I feel but anyways “what’s in a name!”

How much would I rate it out of 5:

5 out of 5


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