Medical uses of tea tree oil

Apart from the multiple uses of tea tree oil in everyday life, tea tree oil has a number of medical benefits as well.

A brief introduction about what tea tree oil  actually is:

Tea tree oil    is the oil extracted from the leaves of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Earlier it’s use was limited to the Aboriginal tribes of Australia until it’s multiple benefits were discovered by the world!!

P.S. Tea tree oil is no how related to the  tea plant or its leaves which are used for brewing tea (i.e. drinks like milk tea, black tea, oolong tea etc.)

Tea tree oil has anti bacterial components like terpinen-4-ol, terpinolene, α-terpinene, and α-terpineol, had strong inhibitory activities against Propionibacterium acnes , Staphylococcus aureus , E.Coli , H. Influenzae etc.

Medical uses of tea tree oil:

  • Cures chicken pox breakouts
  • Heals minor cuts, boils, bruises
  • Relieves psoriasis
  • Treats Blepharitis or stye (swelling on the eyelid) : mix tea tree oil with purified water and apply on the affected area twice a day
  • Helps treat urinary tract and vaginal infections : mix tea tree oil with warm water and use it to wash the affected area.
  • Helps cure dry socket pain i.e. the painful tooth socket post tooth extraction : apply tea tree oil with a wet cotton swab or wet q-tip gently in the area from where the tooth has been extracted.
  • Cures gum infection : apply with wet cotton swab
  • Treats nail fungus
  • Cures swollen lymph nodes : apply with a cotton swab on the swollen/painful area and use it as a diffuser at the same time.
  • Cures ringworm affected area : apply with sterile cotton swab
  • Treats athletes foot: apply baking soda + tea tree oil over the affected area

warning: never use tea tree oil directly or in too much amounts. tea tree oil should never be swallowed as it can be toxic and let inside the ear as it can cause deafness.


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