Lotus Herbals shampoo review

Today I will be reviewing the shampoo that I have used for almost 3-4 long years during my school days, believing it to be best suited for my hair, when I didn’t have a lot of in-depth knowledge about various product formulations .

The shampoo is none other than the Lotus shampoo (here I have with me only the “hennapura” bottle because that is the only bottle I luckily came across few days back while cleaning out some old stuff). But, back then I have had been using all the variants of lotus shampoo turn by turn and hence will be giving a comparative idea of all them in this post.

Also, because I have used it for such a long time, I will be mentioning the immediate results of using this shampoo vs results after using it for a long time.

About the product

The lotus shampoos come in a very attractive packaging with a bright yellow flattened body and a green cap..The cap is too hard to open with wet hands which is a problem. All the 3 variants i.e. hennapura, amlapura and keraveda soyashine have beautiful herbal fragrances and the fragrance of the neem variant is a bit strong. All of them have a consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny.

Product description

Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Hennapura cleanses scalp from hair root. Henna, a unique natural hair conditioner adds life to dull hair. Other herbal extracts present in this premium shampoo, make hair strong and healthy.


210 INR for 200 ml

My take on this product

After opening the bottle (with a little bit of effort), I was totally amazed by beautiful fragrance of the shampoo. All three of them used to lather well and every time it left my hair squeaky clean without any residual oils or dirt.

If given a choice between all 4, my best experience was with the “keraveda soyashine” variant that indeed added some softness and shine to my hair which was noticeable. The next in my list would me “hennapura” which too added some shine but my hair wasn’t as smooth as that of the “keraveda soyashine” ..Next is the “amlapura” variant that didn’t make a lot of difference to my hair .

The last would be the “neem” variant that indeed cleansed off dandruff from my hair but it took away all the moisture from my hair and made my hair dry.

All these results are with respect to the fact that I followed up the shampooing with my regular creme conditioner (of amway) that has been a saviour of all times . Thus I didn’t follow up with the lotus conditioner. Initially I was very happy that a herbal shampoo , in an affordable range, is giving all the smoothness and lustre to my hair without even triggering any extra hairfall.

But slowly after around 20-24 I noticed my hair losing its sleek texture. I was worried. I started improving my diet and taking more care of my hair like combing more often and tying it up neatly most of the time. But no improvement…then I started shuffling between the different variants of lotus shampoo , but alas!

Then one day while reading about the harmful chemicals a shampoo can contain which will be causing long term damage to the hair, I decided to have a look at the shampoos’ ingredient lists. I was shocked. The lotus shampoos contain so many harmful chemicals that has damaged my hair over time and thus my hair is no longer getting that smooth texture or lustre even on continuing the same products. At last, I had to change my shampoo for the body shop rainforest moisture shampoo which is free from any kind of harmful chemicals completely.

How much would I rate it out of 5

3 out of 5


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