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There are a lot of skincare products available in the market and some of them seem to be really attractive! But still most people are unable to choose the right kind of products for themselves or take the right skincare steps. This can be simply because they are unsure about their own skin type.

Following are a few ways by which you can understand what your skin type actually is and choose the right products accordingly!

  • Your skin can be either oily or dry or normal or combination
  • Also, having any of these skin types, you further need to know if your skin is sensitive or not.

P.S. Your skin type is completely unrelated to your hair type. So, for no reason should you assume that if you are having dry hair or dry scalp, then at the same time you must be having dry skin as well.

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The 4 skin types:


You get to know that you have dry skin if you find the following points relatable to your skin type.

  • Dry, rough texture of skin (when you touch it)
  • Whether you are fair, medium or dark skinned; your complexion looks dull (i.e. not glowing skin)
  • Inelastic skin (if you pull your cheek, you get a stretchy feel)
  • Your skin has dry patches or red patches
  • The pore size of dry skin is minimum (almost invisible pores)
  • You notice flakiness in your skin if it is not moisturised for a day.
  • Your skin absorbs heavy moisturising creams really well
  • In winters, your skin tends to peel or crack and also becomes scaly.
  • This skin type starts ageing the earliest due to its minimum elasticity. You can notice fine lines at a pre mature age if not taken care in the earlier years.
  • Its rare for dry skin to get acne , but not impossible though. Also, dry skin acne (in case you have) should be treated differently from the oily skinned ones.


2) Oily skin:

  • Your skin looks shiny most of the times
  • When you wake up in the morning, you find a greasy, oily layer all over your face. (Touch with your fingers if you get an oily, slippery feel)
  • Oily skin is most elastic of all skin types.
  • It ages in much later years (if you are having oily skin but still you notice fine lines at a pre mature age, then that can be only because either you have not been using sunscreen in the earlier years or you have been treating your skin really harsh to get rid of the oiliness)
  • Oily skin has the maximum pore size and so you tend to notice open pores, clogged pores, and the clogged pores that have turned into blackheads.
  • You tend to breakout often and always face the problem of acne, pimples and mini bumps all over your face.

(However, there are cases of oily skin not being acne prone and also you need to practice regular pore deep cleansing in order to keep acne at bay)

  • It is quite possible that you face the problem of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation i.e. you get dark spots or blemishes after the acne (or anything that causes redness on your skin) gets cured. And those dark spots really take a long time to fade away.
  • Any regular moisturiser makes your skin greasy and you keep searching for the lightest of ( tip: please don’t skip the moisturiser by any chance, look for oil free, light, hydrating moisturisers)

3) Normal skin: (the most blessed skin type)

  • The oil and hydration of your skin is generally balanced
  • No major skin concern
  • It’s very rare for normal skin to be sensitive
  • Moderate elasticity of skin
  • Medium pore size
  • Your skin looks naturally glowing (i.e. neither too dull or dry nor too shiny or oily)

4) Combination skin:

  • You find some areas of the skin dry (called “dry patches”) and some areas of the skin oily (most common is having an oily T-zone).
  • You unfortunately have skin concerns of both dry skin and oily skin.
  • Open pores
  • Does breakout


Figure out which of the set of features do you find most relatable to your skin and thus know your skin type!☺☺

Now, to further know if your skin is sensitive or not,

Sensitive skin:

  • Every second new product doesn’t suit you and causes you to breakout
  • You face issues like itching and redness of skin even when exposed to dust, pollution etc.
  • You feel burning sensation on your skin when exposed to sun.

Tip: Do a patch test behind your ear before breaking in any new product or even DIY.

take care!

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