Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo review

Hello peeps! Today I have come up with the review of Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo. Now the obvious reason why I decided to try this product is the problem of dealing with dandruff.Now, the problem doesn’t limit to only dandruff but living in busy city can bring loads of dirt and dust on your scalp everytime you go out.Plus some kinds of wrong hair care practice can also promote bacterial and fungal growth on your scalp.. What I have observed is that regular use of any anti-dandruff shampoo can lead to rough texture of the hair after several washes(even if followed up by good moisturisers).So, what I prefer is to use another shampoo (which is not anti-dandruff specialized) but preferably of the same brand alternatively (like anti dandruff shampoo on weekends and some other shampoo on weekdays).
Also, there are other very simple DIY ways to get rid of dandruff or bacterial growth on scalp which I will discuss in a separate post soon. Now, back to this product….

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What it claims and usage directions:      

Ingredients list:

Price:  This shampoo is priced at 130 INR for 200 ml which I think is quite reasonable.

My take on this product:

After first wash, the shampoo lathered very well and the smell is very refreshing.The scalp was quite clean and free from the moderate amounts of dirt or dandruff.The texture of my hair remained unaffected after the first wash.

After several washes, the moderate amounts of dandruff/dirt were washed off with every wash. But the hair was comparitively rough after several washes when I used it continuously(this happens in case of any anti-dandruff shampoo). The lustre of my hair was also reduced.

Give it a thumbs up ? for:

-contains no harmful chemicals

-herbal brand

-reasonably priced

-easily available

-washes off moderate amounts of dandruff and dirt

-available in trial pack sachets (so, one should first try them before buying the bottle)

– convenient packaging

-great smell

-contains tea tree oil (naturally the best solution for dandruff and has anti-bacterial properties)

Give it a thumbs down ? for:

-might not be very effective in case of severe dandruff

-hair becomes rough after several washes

-natural lustre of hair is somewhat reduced

-follow up by a good conditioner is compulsory (light moisturisers won’t do)


My overall opinion on this product:

Well, in case of moderate amounts of dandruff and dirt this might be a solution.. But,I prefer a shampoo that would clean any dirt and dandruff very effectively without drying my hair or making it rough..so,no I won’t rebuy it!

How much would I rate it out of 10:

I would rate it 6 out of 10.

P.S. : If in case you find this shampoo really suitable for your hair type,then the best idea would be to go for the 700 ml bottle which comes for 360 INR and  a free gentle daily care conditioner is also available with this pack!



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