comparing top brands of matte nailpaints

This is somewhat different from a regular review post..because…today I would rather be comparing the 2 most popular brands of matte nail paints.

  1. Nykaa matte nailpaint
  2. Maybelline matte nailpaint

Before I go into the details of their quality, price and finish,  one thing I must mention is that, Nykaa gives you a  lot lot more colour options than Maybelline,  in fact I really don’t understand why the very few colour options in Maybelline are also all from the same colour family. But in Nykaa , you can find literally every single colour you want.

Maybelline matte nailpaint :

Product description:

The Color Show Intense nail colors have an easy to use brush which provides smooth application for a perfect matte finish. Available in vibrant shades of reds, pinks, mauves and plums. Complement these matte nailpaints with the Color Show Intense Lip Crayons for a perfect matte lip pout.

Features :

  • Beautiful matte texture.
  • Chip-free and quick-dry nail polish.
  • Available in vibrant shades that are perfect for trendy nail looks.
  • Formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene free.


150 INR

My take on this product:

Maybelline matte nailpaints are comparatively inexpensive, gives a very neutral shade and simple kind of of finish, which is completely matte and the look persists for a week before the classy matte finish is gone. The nail polish dries fast, no brush marks , good coverage, just two or even one single coat is good enough.

Nykaa matte nailpaint :

Product description:

Get your nails runway ready with Nykaa’s Matte Nail Lacquer Collection. Keep these gorgeous shades on standby for the times when you want a more sophisticated vibe. Presenting tempting shades that dry to a stunning matte finish.


199 INR

My take on this product:

From Nykaa,  the nailpaint which I bought was a bit different from other matte nailpaints. This is because,  I  guess, keeping in mind that regular matte nailpaints can be a bit boring if not of a very good quality , and it might appear that the shine of a glossy nailpaint has just gone and thus the look, Nykaa has added some micro shimmery particles to the nailpaint. This way , on top of the finish being matte, the shimmers make it  appear like “not-so-boring” and add an extra charm to the finish. But the shimmers are so microscopic, you won’t notice them in the online purchase portal or even through the  container in hand. Thus, the  finish of Nykaa matte nailpaints is much brighter but the matte finish goes away in around 3 days, and then it is like any other boring old nailpaint.

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