Bella voste matte lip crayon review

The no makeup makeup look is the trend of the year…. And for this every part of the face needs a very neutral makeup. Here the first thing that we reach out for is nude lipsticks. But the colour of lips vary from person to person…so not one nude lipstick will suit everyone….

But guess what, I have found a super affordable brand selling 4-5 nude shades of lip crayons which also have a semi matte finish. This brand is none other than the Bella Voste!!!❤

About the product

The product comes in a black long and thick stick with a plastic cap. The crayon is not retractable, rather it needs to be sharpened. It gives a semi matte finish to the lips. These lip crayons don’t have a strong flavour and hence good for those who are sensitive to artificial fragrances.

Product description:

Bella Voste “MATT LIP CRAYON” is a matt effect and high coverage texture in Crayon format designed to deliver extraordinary sensorial lipstick for a long-lasting matt perfection.

My take on this product

Firstly, I am very happy that inspite of the low pricing of this lip crayon, they have neither compromised on the quality or the quantity of this product. It has 4-5 nude shades amongst which almost every lip colour will find a tone-to-tone match. The shade that matched for lip colour is “lean on” The lip crayons claim to have a matte finish but it is actually semi matte. Basically, if I scrub my lip and apply a lip balm before applying the lip colour, then I get a creamy finish. Whereas if I first moisturise my lips and then scrub off the dead cells, then I get an 80-90% matte finish, which isn’t super drying as well. Also, this lip crayon isn’t retractable and hence needs to be sharpened which is actually good because with the sharpened lip, I first get to line my lips (or overline them as well when I want) and then fill with the lip colour. Overall I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it.

I would give it a thumbs up 👍 for :

  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Many nude shades
  • Can give both creamy as well as matte finish
  • Finish is flawless

I would give it a thumbs down 👎 for :

  • Availability might be a problem as the product is comparatively new in the market

How much would I rate it out 5:

5 out of 5 absolutely!


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