Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick review

The no makeup – makeup look is now everyone’s favourite and to complement this look a beautiful nude shade of lipstick is a must! In this process, I happened to try a lipstick from the brand Avon, the review of which I will be doing today!

About the product:

Avon lipsticks are available in various ranges and this range, which I am talking of is of moderate price and quality.  The packaging is quite classy which is a black retractable stick and the shade is coral.


Product claims:

Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick. With its highly pigmented formulation, this lipstick gives you 100% true matte finish, which neither dries out nor cracks. The weightless texture glides effortlessly and seals in moisture to give you that fabulous pout!

  • 100% true matte finish
  • Lightweight and pigmented formula
  • Doesn’t cake, crack or dry out

Price: 479 INR

My take on this product:

The finish is semi matte which is something I didn’t like at the first place because,

 Firstly, semi matte lipsticks get cakey very soon.

Secondly, I can neither expect adequate moisturization for a smooth ceaseless finish nor can I expect that taut matte look.😭

And, yes it did get cakey, the moisturization wasn’t enough (which I could somehow manage by exfoliating my lips first, followed by a lip balm ; but by doing this the semi matte finish changed to a glossy one, but yes, the chapped lips improved)

The finish was never smooth and on trying to build up the product for greater pigmentation it started clumping and getting cakey in just 2 coats.

The lipstick doesn’t smudge and can be removed easily.

I would give it a thumbs up 👍 for:

  • Nice packaging
  • Nice flavour
  • Beautiful shades
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Can be removed easily
  • Affordable

I would give it a thumbs down 👎 for :

  • Not buildable
  • Gets cakey
  • Clumping of product in just 2 coats
  • Contains harmful chemicals

How much would I rate it out of 5:

1 out of 5

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