“The Sublime U” is a beauty-makeup-health related blog created and owned by me , Aditi Konar.

It is said that the best is brought out of someone when “passion meets profession”: but that’s not my way! I somehow feel that if passion would have met profession , it would have actually become work, and not passion anymore, not a thing I would do for the pleasure of mind. Hence by now it must have been understood that, I am no professional in these fields of  beauty or makeup or health. My formal education has been a post graduation in Microbiology till date and I aspire to reach greater heights in the same field as well. But inspite of  everything , my passion for “exploring the art of makeup and digging into the underlying depths of the science behind beautification by various skin and hair care formulations as well as how one’s state of health can affect one’s external appearance” will always remain to be constant.

In the context of discussions in a beauty blog, I also believe that beauty  has no universal definition. Beautifying products just give us  an option to enhance the external appearance of ourselves, as we may please.  But beauty in true sense is a more versatile term. It is not just about flawless skin or lustrous hair, but  it is about any stupendous quality that brings out the excellence in you, and thus I named my blog ” The Sublime U”  meaning the ” the excellent you”.

Following the same line of thought , I do not promote or support any fairness enhancing (i.e. claiming to enhance) beauty products, slimming products or anything that falls in a related category that leads to shaming of a particular natural complexion or body type in the name of beauty.

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